100% Phenolic Bonding, Double Sanding, Perfect Thickness, ISI Grade Quality & 100% Quality Assurance. Personifying style and elegance in every conceivable manner, our Liner Laminates are custom-made to align with the needs of your cabinets, wardrobes and shelves alike. At Durian, we boast of an exhaustive catalogue of designer laminates in this category and promise to provide the highest levels of dimensional stability, contemporary style and value for your investments. Our vast range of Liner Laminates bond well with all kinds of substrates because of their superior and uniform sanding techniques. Attractive, of high quality and designed for installation on the backside of residential as well as commercial substrates, they are specially designed to offer appropriate levels of thickness to shelves, drawers, cabinet doors and a plethora of other surfaces. The primary applications of our Liner range of laminates include residential furniture and cabinetry and are useful for providing attractive lining and face surfacing for unexposed areas.

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